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June 2021

Because of your support Echoz offers hope, life, and a new day to those who walk through our doors. Sometimes we are blessed to see a glimpse of heaven on earth!

“Kim,” a mom of two and in a committed relationship, was not expecting to have another child this soon. They were not financially stable. Kim came to Echoz alone for verification of her pregnancy and information on abortion. We informed her Echoz does not perform or refer for abortions, but that she would meet with a nurse and receive evidence-based medical information on all her options.

Kim was raised Catholic and reads her Bible, but she was very conflicted due to finances, their living situation, and her own mental health. She stated her past miscarriage was hard on her and she felt she would handle an abortion better than a miscarriage.


The ultrasound Echoz provided showed a 7-week, 2-day old baby moving around. Kim left the clinic with her ultrasound images and a decision still undecided. A couple of weeks later she returned for parenting classes, as they had decided to keep their baby!

Your gift impacts lives in ways you may never fully know here on earth. Thank YOU for your investment in Echoz so lives like this provide us all a glimpse of heaven on earth!

Safe in His Arms,

~Autumn Robertson, CEO

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