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May 2021

April was a great month for Echoz to offer hope and help for those who walked in our doors. It was also an amazing month for them to experience the power of the cross. Changed hearts and babies saved never go unseen by our Father and His perfect plans. The power of YOUR support is saving lives!

“Kiera” struggled when she found out she was pregnant. Not even 16 years old, a child herself, she believed abortion was her best choice. Her family life was broken and unstable, there was a misunderstanding on who the father of the baby was, she felt unprepared to have a child. One of her parents found Echoz and reached out to schedule a pregnancy appointment.

Kiera connected with our nurse as they began to talk about her options and what each one might look like for her. She was still undecided at the end of her pregnancy appointment and took home information on abortion, adoption and parenting. We offered to speak with her again with the father of the baby and answer any questions either of them may have.

Kiera flooded our prayers the following weeks. Would she return for her ultrasound appointment? She did, however, she came alone. After the paperwork was taken care of, our ultrasound tech gave Kiera instructions for the ultrasound. She

broke and asked if the father of the baby could come in, sharing he was waiting in the car. It was with joyful hearts we welcomed him into the ultrasound appointment.

During the ultrasound there were smiles all around, as we saw life at 8 weeks old. After the ultrasound she stated, I saw my baby move; I know I can’t go through with my original decision. Her appointment ended in hugs and words of gratitude.

Please continue to pray for Kiera as she walks through this pregnancy. Thank you for investing in her life as we, together, trust His good work, divine intervention, and perfect plan. You provide hope. You provide help. Together we are advancing His Kingdom in saving and transforming lives!

Safe in His Arms,

~Autumn Robertson, CEO

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