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Saving lives one cup at a time

You can support the work of Echoz every time you enjoy a cup of coffee. Simply click on the order button bellow, and15% of every order you make from Seven Weeks Coffee, goes directly to Echoz.

Why the name Seven Weeks?

At seven weeks of development a baby is

the size of a coffee bean—and for the first time, a heartbeat is clearly detectable.

Customer Review:

Great coffee without compromising values

"You know that trend where you either pay for something that's good quality OR supports your values? You don't need to make that choice with 7 weeks coffee! Not only do we feel great giving to a company that is dedicated to supporting pro-life values, but we're certain that we also get an amazing quality product for it. The coffee is wonderfully smooth and flavorful with no need to add dairy or sugar to cover up super acidic and bitter flavors you get with lower quality coffee. Faith dark roast is our favorite and we're so happy to continue our support of a delicious product!"

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