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2023 Baby Bottle Campaign (video below)

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Have you heard? YOU answered the call to fill up a baby bottle for Echoz, and YOU made it a record-breaking year. YOU gave over $67,000 to Echoz in 2022!!! What an amazing gift YOU gave.

Abortion is still legal in Montana, and Echoz needs YOUR support more than ever. Echoz wants to increase advertising to reach her FIRST, to be the first clinic of choice and not her clinic of last resort. And with YOUR help, Echoz can do just that. Help us by being a part of our Baby Bottle Campaign.

  1. Take a baby bottle home from your church.

  2. Fill it with coins, cash, and checks between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

  3. Return the bottle to church.


Our “official” campaign runs Mother’s Day through Father’s Day; however, we accept and exchange bottles year-round.

YOUR support is vital to the ministry of Echoz, and we cannot say THANK YOU enough for loving us and standing with us for life.

For more information about the Baby Bottle Campaign, or if your church isn’t involved, please call us! We would be happy to help launch this effort in your congregation (or business)!

YOU are saving lives. YOU are transforming hearts. YOU are making an impact with us every day at Echoz.

"I do not cease to give thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers"     Ephesians 1:16. There are no truer words than that of Paul for you, our donors.

Echoz is solely supported through your giving, and you make the mission of Echoz possible.

YOU answered the call! You picked up a baby bottle, filled it up, and provided vital support for the ministry of Echoz. It is through your faithful prayers and generous support that together, we are touching hearts and transforming lives daily. 

THANK YOU for loving on the ministry of Echoz.

Thank you

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