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January 2022

With your generous support, we reach out to those whose situations appear hopeless, because we believe in miracles. Together, we believe in a God who takes the broken people and broken circumstances, rolls up His sleeves and says, “I’m not finished here.”

Brandy was considering abortion because she was told in her previous pregnancy, she is a high-risk patient. She did not feel she could handle the heartache of carrying a child and losing them. She also strongly believed in freedom of choice for every female.

Her boyfriend came with her to Echoz. He was very quiet throughout the appointment; they were distant from each other not making eye contact or holding hands. He became tearful as the nurse went over the abortion information. He wanted to parent his child.


Weeks later, she came to Echoz for an ultrasound alone. She was still very abortion minded, and as she saw her 20-week-old baby on the screen she left the clinic still very undecided and asked for information on adoption. Echoz got her in touch with a Montana agency.

Our hearts are full of joy to say Brandy chose life and parenting!

The Lord allows ordinary people to work in the lives of hurting people to provide hope and help. WE are those ordinary people. Through YOUR support, you are too! With every gift you invest in miracles. You need to know, far more often than you might imagine, these miracles take place. Our stories are very real and count in ways we don’t fully understand. Thank you for making each one possible!

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