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February 2022

When I think of your gift, I am overwhelmed with the impact you make! I wish you could look into the eyes of a mom who has chosen life and watch her hold her new baby. At that moment you are reminded of amazing grace and His plan for a hope and future. Regardless what it looked like when she first walked through our doors, she now can’t even imagine she was going to have an abortion.

Laura arrived at Echoz with plans to have an abortion. This was not the first time Laura found herself in this position, and though she felt remorse over her previous abortions, she simply could not make sense of having a baby in her current situation.


Laura explained to Echoz nurse that she could feel movement, amongst other symptoms, and that she has an abortion scheduled tomorrow in Billings. She was requesting an ultrasound here at Echoz to see the reality of this pregnancy. Something inside of her was telling her to make this decision before leaving town.

Echoz ultrasound revealed a 15-week, 1 day baby moving around. Laura cancelled her abortion appointment after her seeing her child on the ultrasound images.

May you know today, YOU are making a difference every…single…day at Echoz! We are so thankful you stand with us and fight for life.

Safe in His Arms,

~Autumn Robertson, CEO

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