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March 2022

You are a part of the work being done at Echoz, and we are grateful for you. Our goal is that everyone we encounter would experience the love of Christ through our actions, words, and attitudes.

Amanda came for a pregnancy verification. She had broken up with the father of the baby stating it was not a healthy relationship. Pregnant or not, he was not an individual she would go back to. He was not in favor of the pregnancy. He was pressuring her to have an abortion, and if she did not have an abortion, he threatened to take full custody of their child.


What a scary situation to be in. A mother’s heart torn between the child growing inside of her, and an individual threatening to take the baby to spite her. Echoz did not hear from Amanda for an ultrasound or parenting classes.

A year and a half later, life brought Amanda back to Echoz. She informed us she was heavily abortion minded when she was pregnant and did not want anyone to know. However, she was given hope by Echoz' nurse that she could raise this child on her own and she would be a great mom despite the circumstances surrounding her. We are ecstatic SHE CHOSE LIFE.

You make these appointments possible through your faithful support and prayers. Together, we offer hope and a future, receiving each one He sends as a divine appointment, and watch and pray as the Lord unfolds the story. Thank you for your gifts of love and life!

Safe in His Arms,

~Autumn Robertson, CEO

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