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April 2022

We see lots of women and men seeking an abortion, yet we see the Lord working on the front line. YOUR gifts allow us to serve every appointment that walks through our doors! YOUR participation literally can mean life and death both physically and eternally.

Amy was 15 when she came to Echoz and stated she wanted to have an abortion. She was not ready to be a mom, she wanted to finish school, college, and then start her career. A baby was not in the plan. Amy's family was supportive of any choice she wanted.


Our hearts broke for this young girl who had experienced a life God did not intend for her, a broken home life, in and out of the foster system, drugs, alcohol, physical and sexual abuse. She had been hurt. Echoz provided her with information on all three of her options.

Amy was able to receive an ultrasound the same day. She stated she was still undecided after her ultrasound but was thinking more about keeping her baby. At her second ultrasound, the father of the baby accompanied her. They were smiling and holding hands throughout the appointment. As they wrapped up the appointment there was great news shared, WE ARE HAVING THIS BABY! They signed up to take parenting classes to better themselves and prepare for their growing baby.

Because of your support, we see many stories of redemption in those we serve. We are forever grateful to call you a partner. Thank you for standing with us and making these stories, and Echoz work, a reality. You are the reason Echoz exists.

Safe in His Arms,

~Autumn Robertson, CEO

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