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Ralph Follinglo by Thomas Bryant

Cassandra Nash by Steve & Lana Hilton

Debbie Kuntz by Theresa Romo

All our miscarried grandchildren by Charles & Sylvia Harant

Mark P. Allen by Kem & Gail Allen

Betty Hogan by Larry & Judy Ginnaty

Laverne Maxwell Coffman by Anchor Polled Herefords

Nancy Brosten by Dick & Dianne Van Auken

Wilkins & Gondeiro Families by Hugh & Darlene Wilkins

Sophia Zomer by Jeff & Connie Sutherland

Aggie Leys by Catholic Ladies Auxilary

Ann Dellwo by Catholic Ladies Auxilary

All mothers by Robert & Michele Hodgkiss

Barb Thares by Charles and Sylvia Harant

Lee & Betty Offerdahl by Steven & Lana Hilton

All the aborted babies by Georgia Southern

Marian Meyer by Rita & Jack Anderson

Andy & Mary Lou Widhalm by Clint & Kathy Hendrickson

Our Parents by Fred & Cheryl Berry

Vera Buchman by Thomas Bryant

John Engel by Ruth Engel

Ronald Jones by Garnet Jones

Jewel Worral by Unknown

Michael Sportono by Charles & Sylvia Harant

Francis Skierka by Logan Fleshman

Dorothy Curry by Kenneth & Marie Offerdahl

Tim Snyder by Monte & Dawn Fauque

Our Parents by Fred & Cheryl Berry

Sophie Lalum by Donna Gulick

My Husband by Gloria Kumm

James E McMurray by Pat & Elsyrah McArty

Art, Ethel, Ron Lindseth by Diane Felstead

Louise Osterman by Scott & Tanya Mycke

Preston Osterman by Scott & Tanya Mycke

Johanna Anderson by Carol Wood

Sophie Shuhi by Mike & Stacy DiAngelis

my mom by Gerald & Jan Hagen

Loretta Doran Day by Gerald & Jan Hagen

Thelma Hane by Anchor Polled Herefords

Ethan Allen by Allen and Daphne Beck

Beverly J. McCarthy by Jim & Linda McCarthy

Karley Mathews by Scott & Andra Gasvoda

Vivian Drake by Dean & Linda Erickson

Mary Crowell by Jim & Diane Moore

Dianna Sprage by Randy & Sarah Triplett

Loretta Widhalm by Robert & Rita Dige

Liz Hockmuth by Nancy& Conrad Gunderson

Dutch by Cindee Erkenbrack

Elizabeth Katherine Johns by Katherine Dees

Sarah Bryant- Mom by Thomas Bryant

Gaylene Salonen by Helene Brown

Mark Phillip Allen by Kem & Gail Allen

Beverly J. McCarthy by James & Linda McCArthy 

Agnes Leys by William Leys

William (Bill) Ferguson by Charles & Sylvia Harant

Mike Dellwo by Dick & Dianne Van Auken

Kourtnie Hertlein by Dick & Dianne Van Auken

Hilda Bonilla by Michael & Sharon Bashor

Glenna Joy Masters by Ray Masters

Ray Christians by Timothy Moriarty

Mae Nelson by Thomas Bryant

Dennis Mathson by Mark & Patty Reagor

Ed & Verda Joyce by Perry Joyce

Kay Kreiner by Patrick & Elsyrah McArty

James E McMurray by Patrick & Elsyrah McArty

Ada Minge by Thomas Bryant

Lee & Betty Offerdahl by Lana & Steve Hilton

Wes Morris by Medrick & Sandra Morris

Paul Kordonomy (husband) by Vivian Kordonomy

Agnes Leys by William Leys

Jim Engel Birthday March 3rd by Ruth Engel

Michael Diekhans by Lisa Diekhans

LCOL. Robert B. Brown by Helene Brown

Rose Offerdahl by Steven & Lana Hilton

Grandpa Swede by Nels & Lorraine Debruycker

Patricia Conroy by James Conroy

Therese Van Auken by Jean DeRusha

Agnes Leys by William Leys

Robin Lodge by Joshua & Samantha Lodge

Debra Janes by Allen Janes

Mark P. Allen by Kem & Gail Allen

Samuel Mishler by Paul & Berva Hinderager

Buck & Bettye Nyman by Kathryn Nyman

Audrey Sabal by B&C O’Connell

Lorraine Hanson by Steven & Lana Hilton

Jeanette McCormick by Robert & Michelle Hodgkiss

Marie Dahlman by Judy Dahlman

Baby Albrecht (miscarried) by Don & Patty Grubb

James Harris by James & Diane Moore

Ann Jones by Monta & Dawn Fauque

Jaime McMurray by Elsyrah McArty

Kay McArty by Elsyrah McArty

Ruby Glee by Joanne Vandenacre

Charles Peterson by Charles & Sylvia Harant

Patricia Christiaens by Delbert Christiaens

Debra Janes by Allen Janes

Bill Bowen by Steve & Lana Hilton

Donna Hein by Pat & Elsyrah McArty

Joaquin F Carras Quilla by Pat & Elsyrah McArty

Thomas Taylor by Pat & Elsyrah McArty

William (Bill) Ferguson by Steven & Lana Hilton

Carla Henderson and baby by Charles & Sylvia Harant

James Waddell by Lana & Steven Hilton

Karen Jensen by Alan & Karen Lippert

Dorothy Johnson by Bill &Peggy Strobbe

Thelma by Don & Brenda Anderson

Rebecca Hammel by Kendall & Maxima Cox

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Pastor Ken & Julie Waag by Thomas Bryant

Our 13 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren by Charles & Sylvia Harant

Our precious grandchildren: Trenton, Cash, Anson, Ella, and Bridger by Don & Jodi Duncan

Ilia Grove by Cloyd & Karen Grove

Lynn Anderson by Donald & Brenda Anderson

Amara Rae McClendon my granddaughter by Lisa Sims

Joseph Loncki by Nancy Loncki

Nathaniel Cox by Kendall & Maxima Cox

Mary Kay McArty by Pat & Elsyrah McArty

Jesus by May Johnke

The Lindseth Family by Diane Felstead

Christine Lencioni by David & Patty Van Tighem

Loris Tangvik by Carol Wood

Savannah Horak by Charles Horak

Kay Kiefer by Curtis & Jaclin Wike

Pastor & Mrs. Shane Block by Gary & Nola Rebal

All Moms and Dads by Erik Nelson

Dazie Woodward by Josh & Samantha Lodge

Sam Hein by Pat & Elsyrah McArty

Lois Steele Emanuelson by Thomas Bryant

All the men who have chosen to be fathers by Janet & Will Donahue

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day by Arlene Lager

All Mothers by Robert & Michelle Hodgkiss

unwed mothers by Leopold & Edna Somerfield

Jaime McMurray by Elsyrah McArty

James McMurray by Elsyrah McArty

Baby Monty, Cole & Crew by Erik Nelson

Lorrie Peck by Charles & Sylvia Harant

Vinyard Pastors by Gary & Nola Rebal

Shannon Wipf by McGurran Family

David & Patty Van Tighem by Kathy Van Tighem

Donna Virnelson by Scott & Amy Rhodes

Barbara Riehm by Diane & Todd Timboe

Jack & Jan Reagor by Mark & Patty Reagor

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