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Michael J. Murray by Sharon & Michael Bashor

Abraham Bacas by Kenneth Taylor

My daughter Liza by Katherine Dees

Ray Christians by Timothy Moriarty

Swede Ayers by Anonymous

Edith & Alfred Baus by Anonymous

Marilyn 'Kaye' Esther by James Esther

Lillian Daniel Roidel by Terri Knott

Mary Murphy by Thomas Bryant

Jaime E McMurray by Elsyrah McArty

Paul Kordonowy by Charles Horak

Arden Sunwall by Katherine Sunwall

Bernadette by Mary Hasenkrug

Benjamin Michael Swanson by Robert & Jackie Wren

Regina by Dale & Dianne Pohle

Annika Storm by Kelsey Storm

Denny McCall by Betty McCall

Fr. Ray Nyquist by Gary & Sharon Winchell

Jack Fatz by Evelyn Fatz

Theresa Ghekiere by Paul & Irene Ghekiere

My mother Cora Bishop by Lisa Sims

John Dixon by Birdie Lauver

Charles Carmines by Birdie Lauver

My wonderful mother Marie Dahlman by Judy Dahlman- Lively

Erica Lynn Rasmussen by Ralph and Darlene Rasmussen

Robert Keck by Ralph and Darlene Rasmussen

Wink Cole by Evan & Twyla Jones

Mom & Dad by Barb Rasmussen

Bettye White Nyman by Kathryn Nyman- Wendt

Clement Nyman by Kathryn Nyman- Wendt

Audrey Sabol by Cindy O’Connell

Jim & Margaret Schmitz by Barb Rasmussen

Willow Yvie Jochim by Mary Ellen Francis

Krista Hannula by Mike & Susan Hannula

Kathy Mahoney by Gerald & Alyce Huber

Fr. Ray Nyquist by Shane & Marietta Benton

Leonard Moug by Joan Cave

Larry Snyder by Monte & Dawn Fauque

Carolyn Fulton by Jim & Diane Moore

Mae Ripley by Cal & Annette Powell

Lee & Betty Offerdahl by Steve & Lana Hilton

Benjamin L. Knaff by Madeline & Larry Linnell

Mary Ellen Johnson by Cal & Annette Powell

Thomas Alan Brown by Dick & Dianne Van Auken

Nora Bueford by Wes & Joan Myhre

Roy Back by Evan & Twyla Jones

Dee Haney by Evan & Twyla Jones

Harry Nisbet by Evan & Twyla Jones

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In Honor.png

President Donald Trump by James & Diane Moore

All the babies born in March by Wes & Joan Myhre

Anna Laisnez by Mark & Amanda Walker

Our two adopted kids birth mothers by Raye Thompson

Mercedes Ruiz Diaz by Elsyrah McArty

Thomas Taylor D. by Elsyrah McArty

Joaquin F Carrasquilla by Elsyrah McArty

Alfredo Carrasquilla by Elsyrah McArty

My dear grandchildren by Jeff & Connie Sutherland

Amara Rae, precious child of God by Lisa Sims

Our son, Reuel's Birthday by Wes & Joan Myhre

Annika Storm by Kelsey Storm

Todd & Chad by Lane & Sheryl Freiboth

Our grandchildren by Ken & Julie Waag

Moms who decided to keep their babies by William and Janet Donahue

Our Grandchildren by Mary Mathson

Dryden Feeler by Angella Feeler

Maxima Cox by Theresa Hopkins

Josh & Marcella Jochim by Mary Ellen Francis

Sophia Anderson by Mike & Susan Hannula

Those battling cancer & illnesses/ sicknesses by Dave & Sharon Mohler

Sloan Bueford by Wes & Joan Myhre

Our Grandchildren by Dave & Sharon Mohler

All care takers by Dave & Sharon Mohler

Pastor & Mrs. Mike Whitney by Gary & Nola Rebel

Those we’ve lost… by Dave & Sharon Mohler

First Responders…thanks for standing strong by Dave & Sharon Mohler

Granddaughter Zoe Browns Birthday by Wes & Joan Myhre

All who chose to give birth by Henry & Rosalie Reimers

Volunteers & staff at Echoz by Agnes Kolste

Hayden, Sam, Amelia, Owen, & Isaiah by Barry & Eva Wilson

Our grandkids Trenton, Cash, Anson, Ella, & Bridger by Ron & Jodi Duncan

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