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My prayer is that Echoz is a light in our community. A place where women and men know they are wanted, welcomed, loved, respected, and listened to. May patients find hope and life in Christ as we love and serve them. 


Each morning we wake with expectant hearts knowing our frontline work is planting and watering seeds. We may never know the end result of the lives we touch, but I am confident Echoz is making an impact for LIFE, as moms and dads choose life for their babies and accept Christ for salvation.


May everything we do and say be saturated in His love and grace.

~Autumn Robertson, CEO 

Our highly trained staff and volunteers empower abortion determined women and men facing unplanned pregnancies to make healthy life choices by providing medical services, education, parenting and life-skills classes, and ongoing support with the love of Jesus Christ.

Testimonies from those we serve:

The staff were respectful and answered my questions. They care about my unborn child and they shared the gospel.

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